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About Pre-ICMIC

Our 'Pre-ICMIC' program (subsequently funded as an ICMIC in September 2003) was funded from 07/01/00 until 06/30/03 through NCI P20 CA86346.

Abstract: The meshing of two powerful imaging technologies, such as MR and PET, with the enormous capabilities of genetic engineering and molecular techniques creates an array of possibilities for understanding and imaging cancer. In our 'Pre-ICMIC' program, we had drawn upon our human resources at Johns Hopkins to create a multidisciplinary group of individuals with diverse skills and expertise, focusing on translating molecular capabilities into imaging possibilities with the purpose of understanding cancer. The subdivisions were organized in a logical progression to parallel tissue structure and the course of cancer.

The following graphic - created by Chris Chacko - illustrates the organization together with the lead personnel participating in the 'Pre-ICMIC at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine during this funding period.