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In-vivo Cellular and Molecular Imaging Center (ICMIC)





The four developmental projects cover a range of topics, such as

(i) force propagation in melanoma cancer progression,

(ii) imaging peri-tumoral stromal depletion as a surrogate for treatment efficacy in pancreatic cancer,

(iii) lung-specific Twist mediated EMT in lung premetastatic niche, and

(iv) blockade of the HIF-1 pathway in bone metastasis from renal cancer. 


We selected four developmental projects for Year 6 using the criteria that ‘developmental projects should provide an avenue for introducing and integrating new investigators and innovative technologies and/or methodologies into the ICMIC infrastructure and molecular imaging’.  The schematic in Figure 1 provides an overview of the developmental projects and their interaction with the research components. 

Three of the developmental projects were contributed by clinician-scientists and demonstrate the strong engagement of clinicians in the JHU ICMIC Program.  All the developmental projects will utilized multimodality imaging.  An intravital microscopy system is being purchased as part of institutional support for the renewal application that will further strengthen the multi-modality imaging capabilities of this program.



Figure 1. Schematic showing the interactions between the research components and the developmental projects.